Helping Teens & Youth – To Cope

anxiety therapy

Teenage/early youth is an Aeon when people face a lot of physical, mental and emotional switches, as their reactions are emotional and hormonal. This might bring forth concerns and issues of mood swings, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse or body image issues. Reasons for developing such issues Academics:  Family and social pressure on today’s […]

Decoding Relationships

A child is born into this world and from the point he or she is born the child starts sharing different relationships with different people. It can be of a mother-daughter, father-son, aunt-niece, grandfather-grandson, and the list is never ending. A human being is made out of a relationship itself; we are all a result […]

Decoding Depression

Decoding Depression In today’s world, depression has become a common site amongst all the age groups. Everybody will have experienced a person with the symptoms of depression or have dealt with them closely or been a part of their life.    It is a common and in some cases, serious medical illness, that concerns what […]

Decoding Stress

Decoding Stress In this life, we encounter many changes, some extreme, while some unharming and petite in nature. These changes can cause your mind and body to move out of its comfort zone and cause stress.  Stress is basically a normal mechanism of the body to deal with sudden changes, exchanges or transpose of situations. […]