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A child is born into this world and from the point he or she is born the child starts sharing different relationships with different people. It can be of a mother-daughter, father-son, aunt-niece, grandfather-grandson, and the list is never ending.

A human being is made out of a relationship itself; we are all a result of the loving bond shared by our parents. We sure are born with some relationships but in the whole tenure that we spend on this beautiful earth, there are several other relationships that we build as we go forward.

But the question is, how does one keep up with these relationships or even one for the matter of fact?

The answer is very easy, a relationship is an accumulation of care, efforts, understanding and reciprocation. If all these factors are met, any relationship can float amidst rough waters and fly away through the terrains.

Let’s discuss some problems faced by people in any relationship:

These problems are totally normal, anybody in any relationship can come across them regardless of the time spent together. The only question that matters is, “do you wish to find a solution and save the relationship or not?”, because where there is a will, there is a way.

Your best bet at saving your relationship lies in accepting that things can go wrong, and no matter what you will always push your way out of it.

Bridge all the gaps with the help of expressive communication. Communication is the root of all relationships, therefore do not forget to keep your foundation deep, strong and intact.
Spend more time together and try to understand the reason behind their ideologies and opinions. People do not hold empty beliefs, they always have some ground to it.
Revive interest by reminding yourself of all the goods that the person possesses, because no bad comes without a good, or vice versa.
Sober up your attitude, finding good relationships and people is not a game, always be grateful for what you had or have and most importantly respect it all.
Adorn a forgiving attitude, because the forgiver is always greater and supreme than the one asking for forgiveness. It is upon you, which road you take, the high one or the low one.

Do not feel distorted and dispersed due to such distress caused, as constant efforts can bring positive changes and can route your relationship into a better direction.

All you need to remember is, your relationship is solely in your hands, it is totally dependent upon what you make of it. It is as good as steering the boat of your own life, it is upon you which direction you wave it into.

If your relationships are meddled up or at a verge of extinction, you can always look out for help. Help is available in many forms:

Psychotherapy or talk therapy or couple therapy
Counselling or online consultations
Relationship development classes
Meditation and yoga for de-stress

As a result of these, you can expect a better understanding of the problem or the differences you are facing and how to approach them in the future.

No matter where you are or what consumes you, always start with taking baby steps and in no time you will find your milestone met.

Gunjan Arya (Counselling Psychologist)

Decoding Relationship

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